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My Resin Toolbox

Updated: May 17, 2020

I'm frequently asked what materials or tools I use for resin casting so I've listed the main materials and tools below. If you're in the market for any of these items, I'd appreciate you helping me to keep producing content like this by using my affiliate links below.

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Alumilite Clear Cast (Slow) is my primary resin for casting wood burls or other items that will be turned on the lathe. This method requires the use of a Pressure Pot (See below)

Mirakleer Table Top Epoxy Resin is my go-to for putting a clean resin finish on a piece or for shallow pours when filling cracks or features in wood.


Alumilite Dyes - These dyes go a long way. If you just want to tint your resin and have it still be translucent, take the tip of a toothpick or skewer and dip it into a drop of the dye and add that to your resin mix to get a transparent color tint.

Stardust Micas - The use of mica powder gives resin that metallic and color shifting look.

Artisan Micas - Nice variety of colors and great shimmer in resin

Reusable items-

Paint mixing cups for mixing the Part A and Part B for resin. These are typically reusable a few times if you let the resin fully cure and peel it out of the mixing cup.

Resin mixer for cordless drill- Quick and efficient way to thoroughly mix resin

Digital Kitchen Scale - Alumilite is measured by weight, not volume so you need a scale that can measure in grams for the best mixing accuracy.


Latex Gloves - Always wear protective gloves when mixing and pouring resin. It's not toxic to the touch but its difficult to get off your hands when you spill... and you will spill.

Small mixing cups for adding different colorant to a batch of mixed resin. You will always go through more than you think you will when you start mixing and matching colors

Tongue Depressors - Great for mixing in colorants in small batches

Tuck Tape - I use this to line cardboard or corrugated plastic resin molds. Resin doesn't stick to it so its great for unique and one-off mold making

Required Tools for Resin Casting

Pressure Pot - Needed for deep casting pours with Alumilite.

Air Compressor - How else are you going to pressurize the pressure pot?

Be sure to reach out if you have additional questions and remember... there's always more than one way to do something so experiment and let me know if you find better solutions or processes.

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